lv2 magic veins Enchantments is corruption MP

Hi Lakoo,

I just upgrade my enchant MAGIC VEINS from LV1 into LV2 but someting goes wrong, before i made the enchant MAGIC VEINS LV2 it show USE MP250 but when it ready & i socket the enchat everyting goes wrong, it show i should USE MP1250....pls help me to fix this coz me aldy spend a lot money here....i want my enchat LV2 MAGIC VEINS USE MP250


I also send you guys the screen shot after n before


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    Lee Cotterill

    Things like this are easily fixed, just bring them to lakoo's attention with your screenshots and itll be fixed by the next update :)

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    Jillzy z

    Theres a lot of typos on enchants. Armor penetrate is listed as melee based attack when indeed its ranged attack. Most of the auto skills listed are actually active skills. All of the enchants ghost an already existing skill, so take your time to read close and double check the existing skill until lakoo proof reads their enchants

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