+1 Element Hit Gems - TOO RARE NOW!

This was brought to attention via a post on my website, which relates to a problem that has been affecting me in game as well recently.

Due to changes in daily quests(e.g. DG 40 difficulty), the +1 Element Hit gems have become an extremely rare reward causing prices to skyrocket and availability to plummet.  The price of 30g before wasn't good by any means, but a minimum of ~43g+ is VERY HIGH considering this is our only option to add hit as an element user.

As Wizards, we don't get many chances or options to add +Ele/Curse hit, so the options we do get are valued.  Is anyone else affected by this?

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    I think only the Golden Gem quests from Abyss can give them now.  I know Wheel of Fate can drop gems in reward bags but I haven't gotten element hit gems yet.

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    Orc drops it too, if i remember the right thing. Btw, guys go check the guide and strategy portion. I need you guys' support( click the useful button) :D

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    Have been no ele hit gems in tp since ~reset.  Curious to see how fast they start popping up again

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