SUGGESTIONS: Game Interface Improvements

Thanks for the great game. In talking with many players, I have come across some changes to the game interface that would be really helpful. 1) Broken Gear Alert OK, this is a great concept but it should be made to warn us maybe 10 battles before a gear actually breaks. The gas low indicators in our vehicles would be kind of pointless if they only started flashing once we ran out of gas. If I am in pet trainer and want to buy a scroll to fix my gear I don't have the opportunity to do so if I get into a battle and die because my gear is broken. 2) Pet Hungry Alert Since pet hunger is linked to pet growth and good stats it is important to keep a pet fed well. Just like the Broken Gear Alert the Pet Hungry Alert shows when a pet cannot fight due to hunger. Can you change pet icon to flash or show various icons depicting levels of hunger? Many games have 3 or 4 different pictures to tell how a pet is feeling. This helps players take better care of their pets and feel more attached to them. 3) Battle Interface Improvement Currently the battle interface layout goes: Chat, Quick-Chat, Attavk, Skill, item, Defend, and Run. Please reorder the layout to: Run, Quick-Chat, Chat, Attack, Skill, Item, and Defend. If you are typing in chat and go into battle unexpectedly the send button is right on top of the run button and has led to running for many a player. Also, when grinding in a team people need to defend fast and it is much too easy to click run instead of defend and receive no reward. It also slows down the grind process because people take a lot more time otherwise to avoid hitting run. People rarely choose to run. If you put it at the far left and have it followed by the double-wide Quick-Chat icon you would reduce the chance of accidentally running and make it much easy and more enjoyable to grind in teams and use scrolls. Thanks for your consideration and keep up the good work! Alleluia
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    Hi Alleluia, sorry if there's any lagging feeling. But i will make your efforts part of my weekly report at least. And, if one day we need in-game GM, i sincerely hope you will be one of us. Thank you again!

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    Thank you dj :)

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