BUG - IAP Bonus Bags

I tried to open IAP bags today, figuring I would be able to open some pet herbs in order to quicker level my pet. However, the IAP bags that I opened, 3 of them (3 of 19 I had on cots) were all empty.

I have opened about 200 bags previously and I do not recall one single bag begin empty, and since update all 3 were empty. I still have about 99 bags left over the rest of my characters, so are these bags that were given as gifts now useless? I bought keys to open these bags and now the bags do not provide any rewards, hardly a 'free gift' when the bag is empty.

**Here is a free bag for supporting our game, and as a cruel joke, I (lakoo) would like you to open the bag with a golden key (costing 200 silver or more) and inside that bag there will be nothing.


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    Permanently deleted user

    Could you please provide us the full name of the bag? So will can check this issue. Also please provide the name of  your character. Thanks.

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    Do you play on the ipad...? because all i did was delete the app and download it again and it was fixed....

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