Skills Reset

On a side menu, I clicked on "1.4 Experience" and my skills were reset.  I lost Jungle Battle Training, Slow Sting, and Storm Sting.  I used in-game currency to pay for these skills and didn't even click on the skill reset card!  How can I get these skills back without paying for them again??

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    You don't, Never buy skills Reset, only stat resets.

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    Keep note that I'm trying to point out that skill reset is pointless, even though you used a 1.4 exp scroll.

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    Hi Dustin,

    Thanks for your feedback.

    We do not handle any request for problem caused by player's own misoperation. However, each account has one chance ONLY to recover. Please contact in-game GM ASAP with necessary details if you have such problem. We will check for you.

    If you have more questions, please feel free to contact us.

    Best regards,


    Lakoo Customer Service

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    I suggest you add another recover or two.

    Sometimes the lack of ability to recover an item is a persons deciding factor in whether they quit a game or stay!

    and generally people who have items or issues of this caliber may be dedicated players.  

    Why not like baseball?  3 strikes!


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