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I propose we have a item id pin generator on the items we get in the game. Not only will it stop scamming, it will also help recover items that you lost or have to show proof of ownership of you owning without having the hassle of going through days and days of waiting just to (or not) get your items back. On all items we get, there will be a random id pin generated to it (ex:1a2b3c4d). If you want to keep that item secure, you can bind the item id to your character (the id will be bound but not the actual item). For an example, say that you have mailed a item to a friend for them to borrow but they accidently lose it or sell it, since you already have bound the item id to yourself, when you mail the in-game gms about it they can just look into your problem, see the unique item id of the item you lost, see the trade transaction,and send your item right back since you have the item bound to your character (you will have to explain to the gms that the item was lent and not stolen to prevent your friend from getting in trouble). The in-game gms can see the item transtractions too incase you have already bound the item to yourself then you trade it after (to prevent you or the other person from scamming eachohter if one of you are greedy).  Each item will have a unique randomly given id that can only be bound once. You can choose to bind the item id next to the socket gems option. The same can be done with pets (item id option will be next to the equip option).

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    Lee Cotterill

    Id to items is a decent idea, it would be a nightmare for lakoo to do it. Lots of work, and code.

    Lakoo has many weaknesses to their customer service, but their single biggest and best skills is recovering scammed items. There are usually quick, polite, helpful, and genuinely seem like they care to help you recover your lost, accidentally dropped, or scammed items. They take it very seriously, and are usually able to recover your item in 24-48 hours when you provide them with time, player name, and item lost. SInce they are in HK and many players are in North America, their response time seems more delayed than it actually is. It might seem like three days to you, but its really two days to them. So if they taking a while, take it with a grain of salt.

    I like the original idea of binding items but I would perfer begin able to bind items to accounts, and then fusing items to certain players. Binding items to accounts would be great, instead of the current binding items to a single player. This would allow you to have items freely swapped between accounts; I myself accidentally binded a kratos sheild to an account while trying to socket it on Cotsy8, it is just sitting in my inventory bag taking up space when it could easy be used on another character if I can get it unbound. :( accidentally binding items suck, but when you cant provide the date or time, lakoo has a hard time helping you. Also, the BIND and SOCKET buttons are SO DAMN CLOSE TOGETHER!!!!!!!!! Like I have an iphone4, and if i slightly miss the socketing then I can easily bind an item, or if I am trying to bind and item I can easily hit DROP item trash can. At the same time, I have attempted to place items in bag 1 and they have got to bag2 and I thought items were lost LOL

    So the small screen sizes for non-ipad users causes problem, like I told lakoo I accidnetally dropped an item, they asked why?, I had to be like im an idiot with big thumbs and tired to bind it but dropped it lol Took a few days but they said I didnt drop anything, so I was at a loss. Things happen, bad trades, bad item drops but lakoo seems to care more about this than anything else, and provide a good effort.

    Lakoo is or has recently released the plan to bind pets to a single player, I am not sure how it works but that is the plan.

    If you want to quickly avoid scamming, use a third party that you trust (an emperor or general of youre empire). Most players like this 3rd party system, and I have used it many times and have been asked to be third party many times.



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    User can stop giving out idea to Lakoo. They don't really appreciate it.

    1) After giving idea, they will say thank you and will send to their respected team and end of the days (maybe years) there will be nothing

    2) Reason of Lakoo asking for feedback is to improve their game. But do you really play it and test it yourself as in how to improve it? I think you guys just sitting there and wait for your user to give you idea. You guys got nothing in your brain. ZERO

    So please stop fucking asking your user on how to improve your game.


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    Hi all,

    Thanks for your feedback.

    We are very sorry for any inconvenience or misunderstanding caused. We sincerely appreciate Lee's efforts to sort out the binding issue for us and we will forward your idea about binding items to accounts to the relevant department for consideration.  We hope we can bring our players convenience as well when playing. Each update/change/adjustment is based on consideration and test as considerate as possible by the relevant departments.

    We will try our best to recover for our player's misoperation if we can. However, there's limit on such case which we will try our best to explain when requested. We sincerely suggest  our players to contact us ASAP when accidently dropped or lost. We care about your game experience very much.

    We sincerely welcome all feedback for our game improvement. Thank you all again for your efforts with us.

    Best regards,


    Lakoo Customer Service

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