Lakoo Your Favorite supporter :D

Lakoo!! Im Posting for my friend Andriux because he can't when he levels up skills to fast his silver and gold disappears idk what's wrong but he lost his 1000 gold and silver thats alot of money he also said he wouldnt get the gold or silver back because he doesnt have a screen shot Lakoo please ive never lied before and i wouldnt ever please help my friend

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    Permanently deleted user

    hi Brian,


    Please ask your friend to contact us in game or via email about the problem. We will check it.




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    Please reply to my thread here

    OR you're not dare to answer my question?

    Why you need your user to contact you in the game or email? Will you reply from there? You mentioned that 'we will check' is that means just check and did nothing? Like what you did in the forum where you never reply to my question?

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