Having problems signing up [Android]

I've got a Galaxy Nexus and have been looking for a decent MMO to play with a good friend of mine.  Unfortunately when I try to start up the game I see the splash screen, but 1/4 of the screen (bottom left) is obscured by a giant background gradiented box.  The Login button is cut in half, but is functional if I click on any part of it.  However after that I come to a character select screen where the bottom half of the screen is half black and half background gradient again, with no apparent buttons to choose anything.  The background gradient section however appears to be a text box, because it will get a cursor inside of it (though no keyboard will pop up for me to enter text).  There is extremely (unreadable) small text and what appears to be a button inside of this area as well.  I've taken a screen shot for reference, uploaded to the attachments section.

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    Run it in compatibility mode

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