Yet again I am unable to make silver purchases.

I don't usually do all this forum stuff but I have become so irritated by your game recently that I have to come on here and vent out some of my frustration. I am once again unable to purchase silver on most of my characters and seeing as though the need for silver is a pretty damn fundamental part of your game I would've thought you would actually make an effort to fix this constant problem. It is becoming more and more apparent recently that you just don't care and are not willing to resolve any problems within your game and as someone who has probably paid off one of your mortgages by now this is really pissing me off. FIx it or your game will become redundant and everyone will leave.

Yours Angrily, Animapi.

P.s. this is not the Apple silver problem from before, this is an entire new problem saying there has been a problem detected within my account.. yada yada.. bs bs bs.. blah blah blah.

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    Permanently deleted user

    Hello Animapi,

    We are sorry if it caused any inconveniences to you.

    We are working on this problem and communicate with Apple constantly about this problem to hope it is solved.

    It is from Apple that to ask our customers to contact their local App Store to solve the problem individually. And it seems to be the most effective way currently.

    We will keep you informed on the latest progress of the problem.

    Thank you.


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