Gold Key Events

I know there has always been a lot of suggestions for the gold coin aspect of EO. Some want more gold...others want to get rid of gold all together. Here is what I propose.

Every now and again EO will run an experience boost event. 1.6xp for pets and players for a week. Id like to see an event where to cost of gold keys gets cut in half for a week. I've talked to many players in game and every one thinks that 23 gold coins for one key is a very steep price. Running a gold key event would allow players that don't have a ton of gold to open chests and flood the trade post with gear that others players normally can't afford because of the lack of gold in the game.

I understand you can't flood the game with gold. The more gold in the game, the more gold players are going to ask for. Why charge 3000 gcs for an energy perm when players can pay 6000 gcs for one. If you flood the game with gold, players will just increase the prices they charge in the trading post.  By running this event you will only flood the trading posts with gear for a limited amount of time. And in the long run all of the players in the game will be satisfied with the lower prices of gear. Its a win win!

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    Permanently deleted user

    Dear Dominus^.


    Thanks for your suggestions, we will submit to the relevant department for consideration. Enjoy your game.

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