Characters - online (server-sided) or offline (device-saved)?

I've got a problem with my Iphone recently and according to a friend of mine who is good at these kinds of things suggested that I "format & reinstall" my device to a latest version.

But what troubles me is that I've spent weeks and constantly visiting Tapjoy just so I can get my characters & gold the way they are today (although mine are admittingly not high level though since I'm more insterested in the story of the quests than power levelling), and if everything gets wiped out of my phone what will happen once I install the app again? Do I have to restart the game from scratch or is my progress saved on the server?

If its too sensitive for you to reply then send me and email. Thanks

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    Permanently deleted user

    Hi belty,

    The player data is stored on our server, not on your device. Reinstallation or update will not remove your character information. Please reset assured.

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