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I'm not entirely sure whether this is a complete bug or just a design flaw. Spells in this game are designed to have a limit of 3 stacks per person, this helps to keep people from infinitely buffing themselves into idestructable beings. However this seems to fail when large parties become involved as a team may cast several buffs per round. Now the reason for the limit so that the buffs do not carry into further rounds but it should only seem fair that the buffs that are cast THAT round should stay in effect fo that round. It isnt always noticable but in cases were invincibility or resistance to magic or phys is involved it becomes incredibly important. spells like silent rain (a VERY common heal), and commander (a common phys hit buff) can immediately strip away a person's invincibility when they are used thus leaving a person defenceless. I know that  being able to remover invincibility is important, but its taken too far when ur OWN team can accidentaly destroy ur invincibility on accident the EXACT turn you cast it.

an example were this has serious effects is on somethinng like the epic maid pet roberlt. this pets ability gives it power and invincibility (at a high price) but this skill is rendered COMPLETLY useless because a single silent rain from ANY member of a team can instantly steal both its power and invincibility, leavig it absolutely helpless. Another example is when a team uses Magic guard to protect from a mage monster and a person on that team casts a spell and accidentaly bumps off the magic protection from an entire team and causing them to fail.

I understand that the three buff limit helps keep game breaking power out, but there is a balence between keeping a cap on the maximum power, and completly handicapping players, it only makes sense that any spell that is cast that  turn should stay in effect for AT LEAST that turn (unless hit by a spell specificly designed to remove it). Obviously tho, only the last three spells cast that turn should be allowed to pass to the next turn. please fix this bug or game flaw lakoo



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    Permanently deleted user

    Hi RyuFang,

    The limit of 3 buffs is the setting of our game, if you have more than 3 buff skills casted, only the last 3 skills will take effect. This is not a BUG.

    However, player's feedback is important for us to perfect our game. You feedback will be submitted to the relevant department for consideration.

    Thank you for your feedback.


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    its not the fact that its a 3 buff limit nessarily, its just that it seems counterproductive that positive buffs cast in the same turn can destroy each other. the epic maid roberlt is a perfect example of this because she is completly useless in a group because her invincibility (the only thing that makes her halfway decent) is removed at a single silent rain, mana tide or similar buff. that is why i see this as a bit of a design flaw. tho the maid could easily be fixed if the invincibility was the second buff it cast on itself instead of the first (it cast invincibility on itself and then cast immunity to hold, chaos, n silence in same auto skill.)

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    Make speed slow or fast cloud fix ur problem, I believe

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